The world is waiting | ACL surgery recovery phases
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ACL surgery recovery phases

ACL surgery recovery phases

Week 0: Right after acl reconstruction surgery

  • Super painful, swelling at its worse
  • Couldn’t get outta bed for 1 day
  • Focus is on straightening
  • No weight-bearing

acl surgery

Week 1: Bandage removed

  • No weight-bearing
  • Physio starts with focus on straightening, control of quads & light bending
  • Slight discolouration with swelling of ankle

acl recovery week1


Week 1.5: Bruising gets worse

  • Bruising starts to get real bad and painful
  • To keep foot elevated above the heart to alleviate
  • Physio advises massage too

acl bruises calf


Week 2: Stitches removed

  • Stitches removed – waterproof bandage removed too after 1 day (can shower normally yay!)
  • Doctor clears for weight-bearing
  • Straightening at 180°, bending at 120°
  • Work on strengthening of quads/hamstring
  • Learning how to “walk” again

acl surgery week 3


Week 3: Ditching the crutch(es)

  • Continue to bend! Almost there at 135°
  • Bruising at knee with the massaging of scar tissues (oops)
  • Discolouration at calf comes back as I lax on the elevation
  • The hardening affects my straightening :O

acl surgery stitches removed




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