The world is waiting | Outdoor Lover’s Top 4 Things To Do in Gold Coast
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Outdoor Lover’s Top 4 Things To Do in Gold Coast

Gold Coast Burleigh Heads Blue Sea

Outdoor Lover’s Top 4 Things To Do in Gold Coast

In a month-long backpacking trip Down Under, Gold Coast was my first stop, largely thanks to Scoot. Without any plan, I headed straight to Snapper Rocks to catch the annual Quiksilver Pro surfing competition having read about it in the in-flight magazine. The tone has been set. It was always gonna be the sea, the sand and the sun from now on. Here is my list of must-do’s for outdoor lovers.

Explore Surfers’ Paradise

Made up of 3 parallel strips of distinct landscapes – the buildings, the beach and the sea – the place is always bustling with people going about a myriad of activities. From shopping, dining, clubbing, cycling, skating – you name it.

With sky-scrappers as its backdrop, the white sandy beach seems to stretch on forever. It’s a haven for swimmers, sunbathers, beach-volleyballers and running enthusiasts.

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Deep Sea Fishing

There are plenty of fishing boat charters in Gold Coast. Booking a slot for you and your mates is as easy as dropping the operator a call/email. I got mine secured pretty easily two days before the trip with BK’s Fishing Charters, who appeared to be the most affordable option based on my quick research. And the best part, all equipment and bait were provided.

During the 5-hour trip, you can expect some interaction with either your prey, or the other 9 guests on the boat, depending on your luck.

The handsome catch by the morning charter’s group got us all excited

3 hours into our trip...But we weren’t quite as luck unfortunately

3 hours into our trip…But we weren’t quite as luck unfortunately

But hey, it’s a good time to catch up with your friends over some beer. But do remember to bring along medication for motion sickness if you are vulnerable to getting seasick. The ocean could get pretty choppy. When you least expected it, your rod bends and the hissing line spins the reel vigorously. Game on!

A battle would ensue. For you, it’s a matter of a photo opportunity and having seafood for dinner. However for your opponent at the end of the line, it’s life or death.


I reeled in only a fish head because a shark had other ideas during this poor Spanish Mackerel’s fight with me.


Inspired by the pros at Snapper’s Rock? If you’re a first-time like me, why not learn to ride the waves in a the relatively shallow waters at The Spit? The instructors from Get Wet Surf School are a fun and energetic bunch, determined to ensure their students can stand on their boards at the end of the lesson. Otherwise, they won’t take your money.


Learning the basics on the beach before getting wet


You get a ride to/from town for the lesson

Trekking through Burleigh Head National Park

Just a stone’s throw away from Surfer’s Paradise, the trailhead of the park is reachable by bus. A relatively easy trail, you will see families young and old going about their activities in the park from picnicking and fishing to trekking, jogging and swimming. The scenery changes gradually as you reach different points within the park.


You can easily tell where to drop off


The trailhead


The photo was captured right before the two guys ran towards the sea and plunged their bodies atop their surfboards on the waves


The best times to visit and explore are autumn through spring. With an average of 300 days of sunshine in a year, no wonder it is named Gold Coast.




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