The world is waiting | 10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Outdoor Girl
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10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Outdoor Girl

10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Outdoor Girl

We all have that friend – the girl with sun-kissed skin and a sunshine smile. The one who listens intently with a sparkle in her eyes when you share stories of your recent adventure. Here’s why it may be worthwhile to know her more, and even ask her out on a date:


She’s Spontaneous
She’ll do anything and go anywhere with you at the drop of a ball. You don’t have to pull your hair planning way in advance. Plus, you won’t have to worry if she will like it. Being the adventurer that she is, unpredictability is the name of her game.


Santorini-Cliff Dive

“Let’s jump off that cliff!”


She’s Independent
Boys’ night out with your mates will never be a problem. In fact, she encourages you to have a life of your own. Finding ways to fill her time productively is in her blood – whether it’s her me-time, pursuing her hobby or having some fun with her girls. So stop texting her every other minute and get on with the game. Your mates will thank you.



Mother nature has taught her to fend for herself


She’s Not High Maintenance
LV. Prada. Tiffany & Co. She can never comprehend the amount of $ paid for such material goods. To her, it’s the experience that counts. Never the brand. With such expectations, making her happy won’t take its toll on your wallet. A boat ride-for-two for $600 on her 21st birthday? Or $3000 for that Chanel clutch? She’ll appreciate you saving up for a long-term future with her.


Mount Mayon peak

She loves her battle-harden hiking boots


She Won’t Complain
When things don’t go as planned, she makes the best out of the situation. You missed the return boat from a faraway island? She suggests you two go climb a cliff and watch the sunset. You got stranded in a foreign town because you arrived late at a couch-surfing host’s home? She says “let’s sleep in the park with our sleeping bags”. Any day, she will dance in the rain instead of whining about the forgotten umbrella.


Donsol rice fields

She won’t mind getting her hands and feet dirty


She Appreciates Nature
Planning for a weekend date? She’d prefer the sunny jungle trail to the air-conditioned cinema. She’d rather be grazed by thorns than be squeezed by humans in shopping malls. Her ideal getaway? Definitely not lazing in a 5-star hotel with an infinity pool. Climbing a mountain and sleeping in a tent surely excite her more. So if you are a nature lover, what are you waiting for?


Rinjani lake tent

Nature’s version of a first-class accommodation


She Has No Insecurities
In the wilderness, she’d be busy swinging tree-to-tree and swimming with whale sharks. No time for make-up and dressing up. To her, lipsticks and mascara – or lack thereof – cannot redefine her true personality. She is assuredly comfortable in her own skin. She won’t seek your constant reassurance. The best part – you need not wait too long for her to get ready on your next date.


Grampians Sunset Reeds Lookout

The breeze on her face feels better than any Mac make-up


She’s Determined
When she sets her mind on a goal, you can be certain she’ll succeed. Used to getting lost in a foreign land or hiking arduous mountains, she taps on her instincts, creativity and resourcefulness to overcome challenges in her way. In tough times, you can count on her to trudge the bumpy road with you (instead of walking out of the door).


Skiing French Alps

Ain’t no snow storm is gonna stop her


She’s Competitive
Today, you and her may be on the same side competing in a team sport or an adventure race. Tomorrow, you may be challenging one other on who’d break their marathon PB first. Never fazed by what mother nature throws at her, rest assured she’ll give you a run for your money. You have no choice but to up your game. The healthy competition makes you both grow individually and as a team. After all, it’s you and her against the world.



Race you to the top!


She’s Open-Minded
If you have never gone on a self-drive holiday before, try recommending it to her as your next vacation idea. She’d immediately start researching for flights and car rentals. Chances are she’d up the ante by counter-proposing caravaning instead – “We get to drive, sleep, cook and eat in it among kangaroos and koalas”. She thrives on novel experience like this. So you’ll never be bored by the same ol’ stuff.



The sky’s the limit to her imagination


She’s Your Best Travel Buddy
It could be a city, a country or an entire continent. Despite the unknowns and uncertainties, she is ready to take the plunge with you. To get lost. To discover yourselves. After all, travel – like life – is a journey and never about the destination.


Great Ocean Road Lorne

It’s an endless adventure and exploration


You know she’s a gem when you find her. If you already have, cherish her. If you haven’t, keep looking. And what better way than to embark on your next mountain adventure. The world – and girl – is waiting.



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