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Gone on a hiatus

I’m going on a blogging hiatus! Starting tomorrow, there won’t be anymore new articles until… I’m not sure when. Till then, see you

Wedding Hack #1: Get your gown online 0

Wedding Hack #1: Get your gown online

#1 Short white tube: USD89 from Crystal Dresses, #2 Long white mermaid dress: USD179 from Angel Bride, #3 Red Cheongsam: USD92, Think Unique Evening Dresses, #4 Evening gown: USD165, Dream Wedding...

ACL surgery recovery phases 1

ACL surgery recovery phases

Week 0: Right after acl reconstruction surgery Super painful, swelling at its worse Couldn’t get outta bed for 1 day Focus is on straightening No weight-bearing Week 1: Bandage removed No weight-bearing Physio starts with...

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Traversing the road to recovery

A slow, healing journey to the one-month mark of my ACL surgery By the time I walked out of the physiotherapy clinic, the heavy downpour had faded into a light drizzle. Light enough, for me to thread cautiously across...

Angkor Wat Tips 1

7 Tips on Visiting Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat means ‘Temple City’ in Khmer (Angkor = City, Wat = Temple) and is the largest religious monument in the world. Other noteworthy mentions include being the national symbol that sits proudly on...