5 Things to Do in Sapa, Vietnam

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  1. thatsofarah says:

    Bumped into your blog when researching for Fansipan hiking. Cool blog! Keep on writing.


  2. ryan carlo says:

    I love your blog so straightforward did you take a bus from hanoi to sapa for how long? i’d love to visit sapa someday – ryancarlo.pw

  3. Timothy says:

    Hi there! Interesting blog post there! Enjoyed reading it :) Is it possible for you to post your itinerary for this trip?

    • Pei Xun says:

      Hi Timothy! I spent about a week in Hanoi/Sapai so there was plenty of time for me to chill out and decide what to do next on the fly. Here’s a summary of my Sapa itinerary:

      – Day 1: Arrive Hanoi in the afternoon, cabbed straight to the train station to buy my train tix to Sapa on the same night. (read more about the trip at http://ladyexplorer.com/2015/05/31/how-to-get-to-sapa/ )
      – Day 2: Chill out in Sapa town, drank drip coffee by the lake and walked to the local bazaar
      – Day 3: Set off for Fansipan, camped overnight
      – Day 4: Return from Fansipan and had a good massage
      – Day 5: Rented a bike to explore the surrounding villages and rice terraces out of Sapa, stayed at home stay in Tavan
      – Day 6: Back to Sapa, read a book over coffee at Hill Station cafe, shopped around
      – Day 7: Took overnight train back to Hanoi, paid about US20 to nap in a hotel for 4 hours before exploring the old quarters… and then took a flight home :)

      But if you want, the trip can be easily compressed by 2-3 days. Our aim was to have a relaxing trip, so we spent lotsa time just chilling out, drinking coffee and reading our book.

      Have fun! :)

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Pei Xun,
    I am intending to go Sapa next few weeks. Got a few quick queries. Why didn’t you book the private trains, e.g victoria train at http://www.hanoisapatrain.com? Where do you stay at Sapa? Did you book hotel when you reach there?

    • Ladyexplorer says:

      Hey Linda, I din book the private trains because after a quick research online, I found out that the public trains are much cheaper but the interior is really just as good. My trip proved this right (read about my train ride at http://ladyexplorer.com/2015/05/31/how-to-get-to-sapa/

      I stayed at Sapa Unique Hotel and Elysian Sapa Hotel while I was there. I only pre-booked my first night before reaching so I could decide on the go while I’m there (since I wanted to stay a night at Fansipan / another out at a home stay in the villages)

      Have a good trip to Sapa!

  5. Alex Brown says:

    This is the ultimate cultural experience

  6. Stephen says:

    Hi, thanks for your effort to detail your trip! I am keen to do a 2D1N Fansipan hike. I am currently comparing quotes online, but they seem quite expensive. Would you advise me to check out the rates while I’m at Sapa (reaching Lao Cai on 21 Dec 0530hrs)? How much is a reasonable rate for an open group? Do yo uhave any agency or local guide there to recommend?

    • Ladyexplorer says:

      Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response as I was on the road. This may probably be too late, but I’m not sure if you saw my other post on Fansipan, where I mentioned Vietnam Nomad Trails offered a decent deal of US75/pax for 2D1N, when we walked into their shop in Sapa.

  7. Kim says:

    Hi. Very glad I found this blog. I’m trying to plan out a trip with my husband in late Oct/early Nov. We only have about 6 days total in N. Vietnam so hoping to hit both Sapa and Ha Long Bay. What did you have to do to set up the homestay? Sounds like a great experience!

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